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Hello, my name is Helen Asuncion. I am an avid gardener who began this journey over a decade ago by killing pepper plants (one of the easiest vegetables to grow). I graduated over the years to building edible gardens, propagating plants, and grafting fruit trees. 

In 2019, I made the decision to "pivot," and go back to school to study landscape design. 

It seemed like such a crazy move at the time. Little did I know that in just a few years, half the world would also be reframing their careers!  

This being my second career, I wanted to maximize my time by working while in school. I got that hands-on experience at two of the highest-rated artificial grass companies in the OC/LA/IE area. The pandemic boom of home improvement construction was an absolute whirlwind, and it made for a terrific accelerated learning experience.


In the fall of 2021, seeking a more diverse portfolio, I moved on to designing and managing general landscape construction remodels. That led to the launch, this year, of Zen Modern Designs. I connect clients with my existing network of experienced professionals (licensed, bonded, and insured), and support each and every step of the process. I understand that every family has a budget, and I strive to help clients put their investment where it matters most. 

Assortment of Plants
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